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Ivory Netsuke with Kiyohime on bell
Superb section of marine Ivory this early 19C netsuke with Kiyohime entwined around the bell. The face has such anger and the whole netsuke superbly carved and great depth to the ivory.
High 41mm – 53mm wide.
19th C
Code 827
£1800 Reserved.

Ivory Netsuke with Daruma, signed Gyokko.
Super 19C ivory netsuke with Daruma standing on a reed, his necklace inlaid with coral and hard stones . This depiction is from Daruma crossing the Yangtze River on his way to Henan. Signed Gkokko.
High 50mm – 23mm wide.
19th C
Code 826

Ivory Netsuke with a seated Oni priest, signed Hidemasa.
Very well detailed 19C ivory netsuke with a seated Oni holding a rosary and going to strike a drum. Signed Hidemasa.
High 32mm – 36mm wide.
19th C
Code 825

Stag Antler Netsuke with a Sennin
Very good 18C Stag Antler netsuke with a standing Sennin blowing out a small sennin which is on his shoulders.
High 80mm – 32mm wide.
Late 18th C
Code 824

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