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Ivory Ryusa Manju Netsuke with a Mermaid.
Very good Ivory Ryusa Manju netsuke with a rare depiction of a Mermaid, The rear with lotus leaf.
High 43mm – 11mm deep.
19th C
Code 853

Ivory Manju Netsuke with a dancer, Signed Meikeisai Hojitsu.
Good Ivory 2part  Manju netsuke with a figure dancing holding a fan and rattle. the reverse with a craftsman, Signed Meikeisai Hojitsu.
High 42mm – 20mm wide.
19th C
Code 853

Tortoiseshell Mask Netsuke of a an Oni.
Really rare and super mask netsuke with a good looking Oni, great with light behind as can be seen in video.
High 42mm – 40mm wide.
Repair to himotoshi bar and a few nibbles.
18th C
Code 852

Ivory Manju Netsuke of a Dragon.
Really super Ivory manju netsuke with a fierce looking Dragon, as he coils around swirling clouds in the background.
High 48mm – 12mm thick.
Late 18th C
Code 851

Ivory Shunga Netsuke of a bather, Signed Seishi.
Charming Ivory Shunga netsuke with a lady washing her hair. Revealed down to the waste, as she brushes through her long hair. Signed on the base Seishi Tokyo school.
High 35mm – 37mm wide.
19th C
Code 850
£720 Reserved.

Ivory Manju Netsuke Squirrels and Vines.
Good old Ivory manju netsuke with a pair of squirrels running around a grape vine, well detailed carving and good patina.
High 43mm – 21mm thick.
18th C
Code 849

Ivory Mask Netsuke of a an Oni.
Really super marine Ivory mask netsuke with a fierce looking Oni, the eyes seem to peer right into you. The hair work is sublime.
High 32mm – 28mm wide.
18th C
Code 848

Ivory Netsuke of a Goat, signed Mitsuharu.
Stunning Ivory netsuke with a seated goat looking back over his back. Super hair work and inset eyes. Signed in oval reserve Mitsuharu.
Professional restoration to leg.
High 38mm – 41mm wide.
18th C
Code 847


Ivory Netsuke with Dutchman and Rooster.
Stunning Ivory netsuke with a standing Dutchman, his face with curly beard and locks has his eyes inlaid. He holds up a fan to protect his Bald head from the sun. The Rooster in his arms has inlaid red eye. Super patina.
High 71mm – 23mm wide.
18th C
Code 845

Ivory Netsuke with Dutchman.
Very good Ivory netsuke with a typical depiction of a Dutch merchant. His long hair and wide nose features the Japanese pick up on. He stands with a cockerel in his arms, deep himotoshi and pleasing patina.
High 94mm – 33mm wide. without base.
Late 18th C
Code 844
£1600 Reserved.

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