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Wood netsuke with a Dragon
A stunning and well detailed wood Netsuke with a coiled Nagoya school Dragon, unsigned with inlaid eyes.
Late 18th C
High 28mm – 40mm wide.
Code W452

Wood mask netsuke with Okina, signed Deme Uman Tenkaichi.
A great wood mask Netsuke has the fase of Okina with inlaid ivory accents, signed on the back Deme Uman along with Tenkaichi (Best under Heaven).
19th C
High 42mm – 33mm wide.
Code W451

Wood netsuke with a Sennin signed Minkoku.
A very well detailed wood Netsuke with a seated Sennin possibly Chokwaro as he blows out his spirit. The gourd in Ivory, signed on the bottom Minkoku.
19th C
High 38mm – 32mm wide.
Code W450

Wood netsuke with a Nio, signed Jugyoku.
A great wood Netsuke with a kneeling Nio, Signed Jugyoku.
Chip on toes.
19th C
High 33mm – 33mm wide.
Code W449

Wood netsuke with Oni applying Moxa.
A good dark wood Netsuke with a seated Oni applying Moxa to his leg, the facial expression showing his pain.
Late 18th C
High 50mm – 48mm wide.
Code W448

Wood netsuke with Shoki and Oni, Signed Ichibun.
Super wood netsuke with a Shoki sharpening his sword while a Oni looks on.
19th C
High 42mm – 35mm wide.
Code W447

Wood netsuke with figure catching Oni, Signed Gyokkei.
Very well detailed wood netsuke with figure with a large bag over his shoulder an oni peering out of a hole while another is being pinned down.
19th C
High 33mm – 27mm wide.
Code W446

Wood netsuke with a Mermaid.
Super wood netsuke with a Mermaid amongst waves, this good size netsuke has a warm patina.
18th C
High 33mm – 62mm wide.
Code W445

Wood netsuke with figure and fan.
Good simple wood netsuke with a standing figure holding a fan.
Early 19th C
High 50mm – 26mm wide.
Code W444

Wood netsuke with Daruma.
Very well detailed wood netsuke with Daruma seated stretching and yawning. The eyes double inlaid with ivory and horn, the teeth also in ivory. Super expression and natural himotoshi.
Early 19th C
High 45mm – 45mm wide.
Code W443
£1,600 C

Bizen pottery mask netsuke of Hotei, signed.
very nice typical Bizen ware pottery mask with the face of Hotei. Signed on the back with a square form stamp.
19th C
High 50mm – 39mm wide.
Code W442
£360 C

Wood netsuke with curled up mouse, signed Masaneo.
Outstanding wood netsuke with a small mouse curled up scratching its ear. Just the right amount of wear to give it some golden highlights and warmth. Signed on bottom in polished reserve Masaneo (of Isle)
Early 19th C
High 35mm – 37mm wide.
Code W441


Wood netsuke with chrysanthemum and bell flower leaf.
Very fine wood netsuke with a sprig of Chrysanthemum flowers and foliage on a bell flower leaf. the whole compersition forming a heart shape.
Early 19th C
High 40mm – 38mm wide.
Code W439

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