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Wood netsuke with a roly poly Daruma.
Great fun wood netsuke with as a rol poly Daruma the ivory inset adds weight and lets him roll around.
Late 18C
High 35mm – 30mm deep.
Code W396


Wood netsuke with a monkey, signed Hakaryu.

Super quality wood netsuke with a seated monkey grooming. Superb patina and double inlay eyes. Signed on the bottom Hakaryu.
Late 19thC.
Size 36mm high – 30mm wide.
Code : W394

Wood netsuke with Daruma, signed Sato Masayoshi

Good quality carved wood netsuke with Daruma wrapped in his robes, deep himotoshi as custom in this hollow toy form. Silver staple repair, although no crack can be seen on the inside this I feel is a nice addition and shows the high regard for the carver. Signed Sato Masayoshi (1819-1865).
Late 19thC.
Size 36mm high – 25mm wide.
Code : W391

Wood netsuke with Jurojin with deer, signed Masanao
High quality intricately carved wood netsuke with Jurojin standing with his deer by his side a staff in one hand and a jewel in the other . Signed Masanao (prob II).
Late 19thC.
Size 37mm high – 33mm wide.
Code : W390

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