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Wood netsuke an Oni seated
Super detailed dark wood netsuke with an Oni seated grimacing in pain clutching his leg where he is applying Moxa. Signed but unreadable.
Mid 18th C
High 35mm – 23mm wide.
Code W430

Wood netsuke a reclining Boar, Signed Masayoshi

Super detailed dark wood netsuke has a boar sitting down, his eyes inlaid in horn. Signed on bottom Masayoshi.
Early 19th C
High 33mm – 54mm wide.
Code W428


Wood manju netsuke with with a Squirrel in Grape vine.
Great early wood manju form netsuke with a squirrel in a grape vine.
18th C
High 31mm – 45mm wide.
Code W426


Wood netsuke with 3 monkeys signed Minko.
Very unusual wood netsuke with 3 Monkeys on each others shoulders, a twist on the hear, speak, see no evil. While not what you would expect this has great merit in fur work and fase, signed on back With Kao Minko.
Some nibbles.
Late 18th Early 19th C
High 71mm – 22mm wide.
Code W424

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