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Ebony wood netsuke with Go players.
This black wood netsuke has a gathering round a Go board. I love the guy in the middle who holds is head in his hands as to say o no not again!
Early 19th C
High 36mm – 48mm wide.
Code W408

Ebony wood netsuke with a Cockerel.
In this the year (2017) of the Cockerel we have a good Ebony Netsuke with a Cockerel looking back preening itself.
Early 19th C
High 40mm – 50mm wide.
Code W407

Wood netsuke with a monkey.
Good quality wood netsuke, maybe Kaki wood. He sits picking fleas out his fur, the eyes inlaid.
Late 18th Early 19th C
High 34mm – 35mm wide.
Code W403

Wood netsuke with Owl and owlet.
Stunning netsuke in boxwood is attributed to Ikkyu of Nagoya. The fine details are unbelievably good the little Owlet pops in and out. The eyes have double inlay a sumptuous little fellow of the highest quality.
19th C
High 36mm – 35mm wide.
Code W402

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