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Wood netsuke with a bundle of fern fronds, signed Tokoku
High quality carved wood netsuke with a bundle of fern fronds tied up with rope a small snail inlaid. Signed Tokoku and seal Koku.
Ex Lazarnick collection.
Late 19thC.
Size 53mm high – 18mm wide.
Code : W389

Wood netsuke with a oni cowering under hat, signed Ikko.
Good wood netsuke with a oni desperately trying to hide away under a hat so as to avoid the setsuban beans. Signed on the base Ikko Nagoya school.
Late 18thC.
Size 28mm high – 30mm wide.
Code : W386

Wood netsuke with a Raiden resting on his getas, signed Mitsunao.
Very good carving of Raiden resting on his getas in readiness to bang them together his drum slung over his shoulder, his horns inlaid with ivory, and eyes in horn. Signed Mitsunao.
Early 19thC.
Size 40mm high – 55mm wide.
Code : W385

Wood netsuke with a cluster of aubergines and melons.
Very fine carving of a cluster of aubergines (eggplants) and melons.
Ex T. S. Davy collection.
Early 19thC.
Size 25mm high – 38mm wide.
Code : W384

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